Be wary then; best safety lies in fear. – Shakespeare “Hamlet” ……

………That’s what Shakespeare said,  but what I always say is this:   “OK . . do NOT panic!  Hand over your candy and no one gets hurt!”

So I’m wandering around the grid trying to figure out what wines to pair with my candy.  Chocolate seems best with a rich red wine…those fruity candies like the yummy orange slices can be enjoyed with a good white.  It seems an odd thing to do – but hey, it’s one night of candy craziness so why not enjoy on more than one level??

The first place I thought of was The Aphrodite Shop.  I knew there would not only be candy and cakes and cookies – but hopefully some wine.  Marina Ramer had wines, and then some!  Each set is appropriately boxed for a Halloween themed evening so how perfect is that??

The first one I saw was the Killbinbin Wine Box.  The top lid has a silver interlocking pentagram for the decoration.  When it’s touched, it spins into a pattern that unlocks the box and opens to reveal a set of 3 wines.


There is a Killbinbin red,  a Shiraz Killbinbin red that is like velvet going down, and a bold, red Cabernet Sauvignon that would be GREAT with your dark chocolate truffles MMMMM.  These should be uncorked approximately 20 minutes before sundown . . and you’re set for the start of the evening.

Next in the collection is the  Zombie Zinfadel – which sounded like too much fun not to take home.

The Zombie Zin goes with a lighter chocolate – something with nuts perhaps? Touching the bottle dispenses a wine goblet with a Zombie hand at the top of the stem.  This Zombie didn’t stay in his grave very long . . which is pretty creepy all on it’s own when you think of it.  There is an incorporeal type of zombie, the “zombie astral”, which is a part of the human soul.  It can get captured by a bokor and used to enhance the bokor’s spiritual power. Bokors produce and sell specially-decorated bottles to clients with a zombie astral inside, for the purposes of luck, healing or business success.  I’m wondering . . if this is one of those Bokor bottles of wine?


What would Halloween be without a poison cocktail?  The Animated Casket holds a bottle of Poison Punch and has a fantastically creepy silver skull goblet that you get for your wine.  I won’t give the entire recipe but I did hear that it has red wine, blackberry brandy and a touch of amaretto as the alcohol contents.  Whichever candy you want to go with this, goes ….. with a bit of everything in the mix, makes it perfect for anything.

The coffin lid slides back when you touch it and reveals the poisoned wine.

ZoeZhoy does not vouch for this wine and accepts no responsibility for being photographed with the coffin.  She says I made her do it, so be it.

All of these selections of holders and fine wines is available at THE APHRODITE SHOP in their Halloween Shopping area… can’t miss the adorable pumpkin booths.  

Aphrodite on the Marketplace

This is Halloween 😀


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