“I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” ― Henry David Thoreau

15174949889_dcef77a605_o - Copy

[CIRCA] Living Autumn Harvest Fall Pumpkins (partial mesh, 3 prims) 

I did a recent post showing some of my pumpkins but I just keep adding more.  What is not to love?  This time of year they’re everywhere – all shapes, sizes and colors – straight from the garden, carved, in the kitchen waiting to be made into pies or soups.  Many of the ones I find around the grid are group gifts, or gifts from the shop owners to everyone who stops by.  They are part of a bountiful harvest for all who love them.

Another of my passions is candles.  I keep a ready supply for dining or to place around our home inside – and out – when the wind isn’t up.  I was looking for a fall grouping for a table on the side porch by our bedroom. . . something romantic, yet festive.  I found this great array of candles and autumn leaves on a place setting from the Aphrodite Shop and it was exactly what I had been looking for.

15175018120_34f1f5b460_o - Copy

Aphrodite  Autumn centerpiece with autumn leaves & pinecones (4 prims)

Marketplace:   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aphrodite-Shop/594394047278890?ref=profile

We have made some new friends – of the animal/bird variety!  The crow – now named Malcolm – landed on my chair and pretty much lives there now. He flaps his wings, moves from birdfoot to birdfoot, scooches down like he’s going to fly off forever – but, he’s still with us.  Probably the corn I put out for him to eat on?  Good thing he isn’t hungry for acorns  because the two little chipmunks are squirreling them away as fast as they fall from the trees.  Don’t know yet which is which – but of course I like the think it is 2 females working for the winter.  These came from the Aphrodite Shop too, and are animated – one brings the acorns to the other one and they get dropped down into the stump.  ADORABLE

15174955439_23bdd0e094_o - Copy15358530661_ab19f20e47_o

Left:  I reckon animated standing crow by Inbred Texan (8 prims, on/off for animation at touch) at the i-reckon store

Right:  Totally Nutz for You, Aphrodite Shop (24 prims,  animated with off/on at touch)



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