“Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year.” ― Chad Sugg

Right before winter sets in there’s that one day – when any leaves left on the tree fall to the ground all at once. Those are usually the brown ones, the ones that hold on for dear life as long as possible . .and then all of a sudden a big wind comes along and blows them all off!  I try to keep a bit ahead of the leaf raking, knowing . . da da da DUMMMMM . .  .that one day is edging closer and some cold morning I’m going to step onto the porch with my coffee and the ground will be covered.  This is one reason I build a fire close to the center – some of them actually fall in on their own.  Is there anything more wonderful than that smell of burning leaves in autumn?


Leaf rake with animations and floating leaves:     ArchiTech Landscaping

Autumn Bonfire (2 prims):    ArchiTech Landscaping

They do get everywhere though .  . gutters, roofs, stuck in the water – eternally swirling until they turn brown and eventually sink to the bottom and become fish nurseries.  Got photo bombed by our seagull on this one!  I am sure he’s done it before so he’s getting good at it.


 rotating autumn leaves for water (1 prim) and thick bullrush group (1 prim) 

Green & Wild Garden Center

Nautical wood posts for boat docks (1 prim)   DAT’s Textures 

Ok . .time for the pumpkins.  Love them so much and every time I find a pretty one – they go home with me.  I set them around and enjoy how fat they are, the different shades of oranges, yellows and golds . .  even the darker ones that are chocolaty brown.  Found this baby snoozing in the flower basket but I’m always finding something – or someone – in the strangest places around our house.There are no pumpkins to speak of in Norway and it’s taken Zhoy some getting used to – all the pumpkins appearing everywhere.  Three years on and he’s used to having them appear and even speaks fondly of them *cough*  Calls them the Pumpkin Kings.  He says . . “love you, love your pumpkins”.


CJ Garden Harvest Basket (6 prims):    CJ Creations Little Shop

CJ is on the marketplace too!

I always go for the spooky ones 😀

New Trails Big Smile Pumpkins (3 different sizes, 1 prim each) :    New Trails

They named these pumpkins already at New Trails  (Chico, Miguelito and Pablo) .a bit disappointing as I like to name my own . . . but I noticed they are the exact same names I would have chosen so I’m hap hap happy!    These also come in purple.  You’ve just GOTTA GO…..they have one of the best assortments of Halloween decorating stuff on the entire SL grid plus their sim is lovely.



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