“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ― Albert Camus

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year.  On September 1st I start switching my gardens and flower beds from late summer to early fall –  a pumpkin or 2, some fall ground cover with a few seasonal plants and shrubbery – just to get things started and put me in the mood!  The golds, reds, rusts, greens, yellows…..also my pick of colors for most anything so I get to be surrounded by everything I love in nature.

Remember when you are adding plants and flowers, layering is most effective.  Start with your base flower or plants, then add other’s to fluff it up.  You’ll know by checking from different angles when it looks great and you’ve added enough.

15146786125_6ab09a5ae9_o - Copy

We changed homes a couple of weeks ago and I’ve had some time to put a few seasonal touches around.  One of the things I look for in a home – SL & RL – is lots of windows and attached outside space.  This great Weekend Home from Starmark Creations was perfect for our parcel.  As shown, the count of 64 prims (which includes the inside wood stove and lights draped over the side porch frames) can be reduced but this is really low with almost zero lag!

15123762096_e750259087_o - Copy

This is the back view of the home and the other side is a bedroom extension with the same fantastic walls of windows for our water views.

We are outside a lot, but when the weather cools down we practically live outdoors.  There’s nothing like a crackling, popping fire on a back porch or patio, some comfortable seating and good friends to make a fall evening more enjoyable.  I’m really good at losing my weinie or marshamallow – sometimes even a s’more down in the fire so perhaps the hot toddies should wait until after the food portion of the evening?

15123764176_77bce42aa2_o - Copy

I’m hopping around the grid like a crazy bunny looking for businesses that have put out their fall items.  Most of these are from last season, but are still available.  As soon as the 2014 offerings are out in full, I’ll be back with some changes and new thing!


1st Photo

Weekend Cottage      STARMARK CREATIONS

Small Red Maples (1 prim group)     GREEN & WILD GARDEN CENTRE

Rope Railing (1 prim, mesh)     Virtual Nature Landscaping

Various Plants: 

New Trails/Fire Grass (1 prim)   New Trails

Random Swamp Grass (2 prims)    ArchiTech Designs

aG Nameless Ivy  yellow (I used as a ground cover)    Alirium Gardens


2nd Photo

Mostly the same as the 1st 

Green & Wild    Thick Bullrush Group (1 prim)  Green & Wild Garden Center

Kidd Reed Cattail (hedgerow, 1 prim with menu driven frog and cricket sounds :D)   Kidd Grass Landscaping

3rd Photo

Traditional Floor Fire  (8 prims)    Abadutiker

Shutterfield pallet chairdriftwood (3 prims)  Shutterfield Outdoor Deco

Mudhoney Finn Table (part of their FINN collection, 1 prim)     MUDHONEY

Charlotte Floor Cushion – Butternut (2 prims, 3 materials to choose from)  What Next Home & Garden

Pumpkins, tall and short (4 prims each)    Botanical Landscaping, Garden, Environmental

4th Photo

AF Cottage Dining Table and Stools (table, 1 prim; stools, 2 prims each)     Apple Fall

Mudhoney  Laying pillows/beach (2 prims)

Mudhoney Mum Centerpiece ( from the FINN  Collection, 4 prims)

Flexi Wildflowers, Blackeyed Susan’s (5 prims)    Heart Garden Center

Sleeping Cat in Crate – gift, Second Norway

Park Fountain (4 prims)     Bahia Tiki


3 thoughts on ““Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ― Albert Camus

  1. Oh WOW this is wonderful!!!!! So charming and inviting, love the warm rich colors, enchanting garden and magical home. Great tip about layering plants and I discovered new stores! Thank you for sharing your fall home with us. 🙂


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