Home is where one starts from……..T. S. Eliot


We always need a good spot to unwind with friends and family – and this is my SL spot.  The Adirondack Chair comes in several colors and the stool/shadow can be detached from the chair to change placement.  Each are mod/copy.  There are several styles of firepits at the Trompe Loeil sim and all are worth a good look – they’re low prim and very realistic.

Casa del Shai  (shai.delacroix) is on the Botanical sim and her shop has some great mesh clothing for men and women, cute shoes, and a few other items – such as this bowl of orange balls.  They reminded me so much of  a huge Texas orange.  Her’s aren’t edible but they will fool the eye and put you in the mood for an afternoon mimosa!

Adirondack Chair with footstool (2 prims) and side table (1 prim) Trompe Loeil

Curve patio firepit (5 prims) Trompe Loeil

Chinese bowl of balls (1 prim) Casa del Shai



I’ve mentioned that we ( ‘I’) are on a tight prim budget  so I had a bit of a difficult time finding a low prim deck to situate mostly on land -with only a small part allowed over the water.  I played around with several in my inventory but none worked as well as this one from What Next.  The mod part made it easy for me to adjust the water end  (poles and stairs) without altering the rest of the deck.  Really nice to climb in and out of the water and have a place to pile up our floaties.

Lazy Weekend Deck & Awning (8 prims) What Next

Pool Towel Cupido (2 prims, texture change, 9 couple animations with Xpose engine, copy) Harry’s Outdoor & Living, Homes

Spinning Innertubes    Liquid Kreations (got these when I first came to SL and could find nothing for this store.  However, there are many of these on the marketplace, and if you go to Harry’s he has some good ones as well!)



Between the 2 of us, Zhoy and I have enough homes to start our own rental property.  Second Life is filled with some amazing homes and most builders are in the know with mesh which of course means – LOW prim.   Making our home on Second Norway was celebration enough to find a new one – and we fell in love with this beach bungalow.  The home fits nicely on our 960m lot with the back porch extending a bit over the water.  It’s set on pilings and we added the brick retaining wall from Architech Landscaping.

Beach Bungalow – teal & yellow (64 prims) Trompe Loeil

Sandstone Wall (10m) – ArchiTech Landscaping


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