Dog Days

Long sultry summer days…dog days as they’re called.  Over the years the only thing that has saved me is the water!   Lakes, ponds, rivers….the sea.   Second Norway felt like home the moment I set foot there.  My partner/husband and the love of my life is Norwegian and he brought me here well over a year ago. All you renter’s out there know that the more prim allowance, the higher the rent.  It took me a while to become prim savvy but once you do, you never go back!  We found the perfect parcel for us and I’ve loaded it up with low prim, high quality finds from around the grid.


I don’t even have the words to tell you what a great place Botanical is.  Kriss Lehmann is a genius in all things to do with landscaping – and I’m starting to realize – most everything else, too.  This whimsical Dragonfly Emitter is only 1 prim and is copy/mod.  The fun it adds to your home is endless.  There are 4 different colors of the Guardians of the Lake (that is what they are called in Norway).  They fly, they buzz, they are AV aware – only  rezzing when someone is in range.  The control menu allows you to set the range, density and sounds. You can even turn off the AV aware – but in a heavily loaded sim like ours anything which helps save resources is welcome.  Do yourself a favor and go visit the Botanical sim.  Wander through the forest, check out the incredible trees, and find the whimsy which only Kriss can create.

This goldfish bowl – 2 prims – is beautiful.  Inside are tiny goldfish swimming around and water plants floating on top.  I made a bit of a change by adding the water ripples, but the colors of the water and plants are amazing.  This is from Zacca which is now closed – but I’m thinking he opens up when certain Fair’s are in progress.

14806218996_e3f65a1325_o - Copy

The hollyhocks – from Barnsworth Anubis are 1 prim per plant.  There are 20 plants in each box and with 5 colors and 4 plant variations, you can place them all around your garden and not use lot’s of prims.  These are also mod/copy.  I have other items from BA and they’re always top quality and low prim.

The mesh stoney path from Dysfunctional Dollies (1 prim) has a menu/script that can change the color stones and/or the base.  There are so many things you can do with this because the AO maps are included.  This allows you to add your own dirt or shadows or whatever you like.  Obviously mod, copy too!

Other credits in this last photo:

Alirium Gardens – nameless ivy/green

ArchiTech Design – wild dogrose hedgerow/red


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